Complete Custody Now Comes In A Card

Introducing the safest, most portable, self-custody technology on the market.

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Convenient Self-Custody You Control

Break free from the confines of traditional crypto storage with easy-to-use and hands-free key management.

Tangem’s revolutionary microchip lets you maintain full self-custody of your crypto within a physical card, giving you maximum security and ultimate convenience for a fraction of the price.

No Middle-Man Necessary

Use crypto the way it was intended. Tangem’s chip-to-chain technology allows for true blue, peer to peer transactions by generating and managing the key to your digital assets within the card itself.

Ease your concerns about authenticity or fears of fraud by maintaining full control of your crypto and no intermediaries when you transfer from the card. Just add the desired amount of your crypto asset to your stylish new Tangem card and start utilizing it easily and securely.

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Unlock The Power of Tangem

The Tangem app helps you access your Tangem card easily. Once downloaded, simply tap the card and NFC technology will enable you to check your balance and manage your crypto—from holding to transfers, all with rock-solid security you can trust.

Develop With Tangem

Are you a developer looking to bridge Tangem’s physical crypto cards to your application? Tangem’s open-source SDK is a playground for developers seeking the most innovative toolset for blockchain-based applications.

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Want to order cards in bulk, use our embedded-chip technology, or inquire about how Tangem can be used to revolutionize your business?

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