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Digital Gold - The Ultimate Hedge

Posted by Tangem on
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Throughout history, gold has served as a form of money because of its durability and intrinsic value as a scarce precious metal.


During times of uncertainty, war, or financial crisis, gold has proven the capability to preserve value; therefore, it has been one of the preferred safe-haven assets.


Take 2020 as an example; this year, the global economy has been severely affected by the COVID19 pandemic. The upcoming presidential elections of the United States are bringing even more volatility to the market. And unsurprisingly, gold is one of the best performing assets globally, hitting record highs.

However, gold has many limitations for investors. Owning physical gold represents a challenge because of its materiality and logistic difficulties.


Today, there are also electronic forms of gold, such as ETFs. ETFs’ problem is that they aren’t accessible to every investor, and they involve many intermediaries.


But the latest revolution for custody and exchange of gold has arisen through “digital gold,” and it overcomes the obstacles of gold investment.

So what’s Digital Gold?


“Digital gold” is a new and convenient way to invest in gold; it combines the benefits of physical gold and blockchain technology.

Issuers transparently store physical gold in a trusted vault and create tokenized representations of it on a distributed network that can pervade the entire internet.

This model allows small investors to buy fractions of gold and easily transport and store their rights to that gold.


Key benefits of digital gold


With digital gold, the following qualities come to light:


  • Accessible
  • Secure
  • Audited
  • Liquid
  • Borderless
  • Censorship-resistant.


Tangem Gold cards


Tangem has taken the initiative with its issuer partners to offer this innovation in the form of a Tangem card, which provides a safe and simple way to hold your gold without ever even having to touch it.

The only points of trust are the vaults containing the gold and the key to your public wallet address in your pocket.


Tangem for Aurus Gold Card

Tangem for Aurus Gold Card


How does it work?

How can Tangem cardholders load the card/buy gold-backed tokens?


As of the publication date of this post, the best way to purchase the gold tokens is by following the instructions on our issuer partners’ websites:




  1. In either case, you can purchase the respective Tangem card and use that wallet’s address to receive the tokens. An intermediary wallet to connect to an exchange may be required depending on the issuer, exchange, and purchase method.
  2. Load your Tangem card and exchange and manage gold just like any other digital asset.
    Your Tangem card’s wallet address can be found in the Tangem Tap wallet application on your Android or iOS smartphone. Your address can be copied, embedded in a QR code to be scanned, or translated into a PayID address.


Tangem for MintX Gold Card

Tangem for MintX Gold Card


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