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This Is What Happens When You Freeze A Crypto Wallet in a Block of Ice…

Posted by Tangem on
This Is What Happens When You Freeze A Crypto Wallet in a Block of Ice…

We froze the Tangem Card in a block of ice. You might ask why. Well, we just received our IP68 rating, meaning all our wallets are waterproof and dustproof. Tangem cards were already impenetrable security forts for crypto with their unprecedented microchip technology, all packed up in the convenience of a 0.55mm thick card with an NFC interface. But now, they are officially impenetrable from the elements as well and we wanted to put that to the test to truly verify its integrity; walk the walk and not just talk the talk…

So what does this mean?


This means that you can go for a lengthy swim with your Tangem Card in your pocket, OR, you can freeze it in a block of ice and your card will still work flawlessly, whilst in the block of ice. Trust us, we tried it. But verify :)

Obviously we realise there is no practical reason as to why you would have your cards frozen in blocks of ice. But we wanted to show just how secure and trustworthy a Tangem card is by proving its durability: it’s just as tough on the outside as it is on the inside. Because what this certification means is we’ve created the most secure and convenient wallet via a combination of the following ingredients: technical prowess (high security), minimalist industrial design (efficiency) and durability (tangibility).



Why go to all this effort?


As an HSM (hardware security module), Tangem products are dedicated crypto processors that are specifically designed for the protection of the crypto keys’ lifecycle. i.e. Security for us is paramount. We want to empower users with the right tools to protect themselves but we also want to encourage and incentivise them to practice proper self-ownership of assets and that means not compromising between security and experience.

Security is as weak as its weakest link, therefore we literally minimised attack surface by sealing off the card surface area. The end result is that our cards are small, but mighty powerful; they act as trust anchors that root deep into state of the art cryptography to protect digital assets by securely managing, processing and storing cryptographic keys inside a hardened, tamper-resistant and now waterproof device. A device that has the convenience, thickness and elegance of a card you can place in your wallet, but with durability like never seen before…

Drop it in water, go scuba diving, freeze it in a block of ice — you’ll find it still works with the same speed, simplicity and elegance as before. We’ve designed with everyone in mind, so no matter how adventurous you are you can trust that our cards serve as your personal Fort Knox.



Why Use Tangem?


Buy these cards to protect your crypto. Or get these developer cards to build an app for transactions, identity and authentication. We excel at securing cryptographic keys, storing personal data and digital signing services for a wide range of applications.



What Makes Tangem The Best?


Tangem provides the highest level of security (our chips have an evaluation level of EAL6+ rated by Common Criteria, the highest available on the wallet market) by always storing cryptographic keys in the card. We provide a secure foundation as the keys never leave the tamper-proof, unclonable, waterproof card; it’s so secure that not even you know the key.

Who is it for?

Our cards are designed for everyone; it’s physical onboarding with zero learning curve. There’s no need to be tech savvy, this is elegant, simple and convenient security all wrapped up in a flawless card.

Give it to your Granny, give it to your friend, give it to JK Rowling. Start owning your digital future in the palm of your hands and know that it’s in a safe place.




We’re proud to say our cards have passed the most stringent product verification testing,
and if you don’t trust, verify!


Finally, want to see it in action?

We’ll show you a video of our card scanning in this block of ice.

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