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Tangem Note BTC

Tangem Note BTC


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Your Crypto Journey Starts Here

A single currency card for BTC.

Don’t know where to start? Start with Tangem Note!


Your First Hardware Wallet

Tangem Note is designed specifically for those who are new to crypto. 

Purchase and sell crypto freely in just a few taps.

Tangem Note is as simple to use as regular cash – all you need is the card and a smartphone.

Tangem Note stores your private key with no copies so nobody can access your crypto without your card.


Hand your Crypto like Cash

You can simply hand your Tangem Note like cash to anyone, and they will have crypto on their hands. 

This happens off chain,  so it is instantaneous and free of charges and fees. 

Tangem App will verify the balance for the receiver when they tap the card.

The possibilities are endless and they start with you.


Perfect Gift 

If you want to invite your family or friends to the world of crypto – Tangem Note is the perfect choice.

Note is a unique present for any occasion: unlike gift cards, crypto is the gift that keeps on growing.


Top Level of Security on the Market

Tangem Wallet generates unique private key that never leaves the card. We have gone an extra mile to prove it externally:

  • The highest certification level among direct competitors that ensures no back doors – EAL6+ by Common Criteria
  • The firmware audited by the world's top laboratory – Kudelski Security
  • The only hardware wallet with the highest possible rate of protection against environmental conditions – IP68
  • The card is durable enough to perform from -35C/-31F to +85C/+185F


Manage your Crypto 

With Tangem Note you can buy, sell and transfer your crypto anytime anywhere.  

No wires, no computers, no batteries required. Just use NFC in your phone and Tangem App.

It is you, your Note, and blockchain. No institution, even Tangem, can limit your moves.


Top Customer Support

Our dedicated Support Team Specialists work around the clock to answer your inquiries.


Powerful Tangem App

All your features are just a click away from your fingertips in just 3 steps: 

  1. Get your Tangem Note BTC
  2. Download the Tangem App to buy, sell, transfer or check your crypto balance
  3. Start your crypto ownership or hand the Note over to anyone of your choice



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