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Tangem TWIN Bitcoin Hardware Wallet



Where 2 Cards Meet 1 Wallet

Your easiest way to enter the world of Bitcoin

Tangem TWIN is a set of two cards programmed to access the same Bitcoin wallet with ease of a tap.

A perfect balance between security and simplicity.

The card generates and holds your unique key, making it impossible to extract or copy.

It will only take you 3 minutes to onboard with Tangem App and start your journey through all your crypto needs.


TWIN offers you the top level of security on the market:

  • The highest certification level among direct competitors that ensures no back doors – EAL6+ by Common Criteria*
  • The firmware audited by the world's top laboratory – Kudelski Security
  • The only hardware wallet with the highest possible rate of protection against environmental conditions – IP68
  • The card is durable enough to perform from -35C/-31F to +85C/+185F


All you need is your smartphone, Tangem App and your TWIN. No wires, no computers, no batteries required. Just use NFC in your phone.

With Tangem TWIN you can buy, sell and transfer your Bitcoin. Our cards can sign an infinite number of transactions.


You can forget about pictures, papers, and seed phrases – your second TWIN is your backup.


Tangem doesn't collect any of your private information, including your private key. No government, no institution, not even Tangem can limit your moves because your private key never leaves your TWIN cards.

It's You, Tangem TWIN, and the Blockchain. We will never bind you to subscription-based services, outside intrusion, or impose any hidden fees on you.


We purposefully made Tangem App user-friendly, so you can set it up in just a few steps or in a matter of minutes. All your features are just a click away from your fingertips.  

Quick 3 Step Guide to Owning Bitcoin:

  1. Get your Twin Card
  2. Download the Tangem App to buy, sell, transfer or check your Bitcoin balance
  3. Reap the benefits of Bitcoin ownership yourself or share it with your loved one


Feel like sharing? Use your TWIN cards together with your significant other, family member or friend.

Bitcoin is the gift that keeps on growing. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or any other holiday, those who value exceptional security and hassle-free transactions will love Tangem TWIN.


* ​​The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation is an international standard (ISO/IEC 15408) for computer security certification.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nicole Evans
Love it!

I've really enjoyed using Tangem Twin -- I keep my second card in a safe place for a back up in case I lose my first card. App is great and easy to use. Love it!

Joshua Phillips
simple, secured, great

Don't know what to add... It's great, and simple to use. I believe this card is the safest option available so no more worries

Val Duka
I'm not skillful with crypto yet so liked that it's simple

it was my first wallet. I liked that it's easy to buy BTC and check the balance. And love the other card as a backup


Easy and secure and👍

David Patel
Love the app

The easiest onboarding ever. I don't need to write and remember recovery phrase anymore.


Commonly asked by our customers

What is Tangem TWIN?

Tangem TWIN is a hardware wallet that allows you to secure access to your Bitcoin with ease and at no cost to safety.

2-Cards-1-Wallet approach means you get two cards connected to one Bitcoin wallet. TWIN doesn’t require you to keep track of anything other than your card - no seed phrases, passcodes or pictures. You use the second TWIN card as your backup. You can also securely share your hardware wallet with your loved ones by just giving them your second TWIN card.

Your personal key is immutable, it will never leave the card under any circumstance AND it is truly yours.

Powered with NFC-technology this card enables you to access your wallet and manage your Bitcoin on the go. You don’t need a computer, a charger, a wire, just your phone.

Tangem App covers all your crypto needs: you can, buy, sell, transfer Bitcoin, check your balance and invest. Our App requires little to no onboarding effort, thanks to its user-friendly UX. Clear navigation ensures that you won’t have to spend more than 3 minutes setting everything up. Your TWIN cards and Tangem App is all you need to begin your Bitcoin journey.

What can I do with my Tangem TWIN?

You can buy, sell, transfer, or invest in Bitcoin through our powerful and user-friendly Tangem App.

You can share your second TWIN card with your loved one to easily manage your Bitcoin together.

Tangem TWIN would make a perfect gift for any occasion and you can be certain that the funds deposited will always belong to the card holder. Just like if you had gifted cash, except Bitcoin is a gift that keeps on growing.

Your second card is your safest backup: hide it under your mattress, put it in your bank or bury it in your backyard. It will be right where you left it.

What makes Tangem TWIN different?

2 Cards – 1 Wallet approach means you get two cards that will be connected to the same Bitcoin wallet. You can use the second card as a backup or share your love for Bitcoin with your significant other, family member, or friend.

Tangem TWIN hardware is EAL6+ certified, which is the highest level among hardware wallets today. Tangem TWIN firmware is audited by Kudelski Security to ensure your data privacy at all times even from Tangem itself.

Tangem TWIN is the only hardware wallet that is fully protected from environmental exposure. The IP68 rating makes this card virtually indestructible in the face of water and dust. The card is durable enough to perform from -35C/-31F to +85C/+185F. You can even put it in the snow without repercussions.

Tangem TWIN production and architecture is secure by design. Even during TWIN delivery, no wrongdoer can change anything in the device to harm it.

Tangem App is built user-friendly, so you can set it up in just a few steps or in a matter of minutes. All your features are just a click away from your fingertips.

Tangem TWIN is independent of batteries or power sources. Your TWIN can execute an infinite number of transactions.

With your smartphone, TWIN and Tangem App you can manage your Bitcoin anytime at any place; no computer, no wires needed.

What makes Tangem TWIN secure?

Our technology is recognized by the top experts and is used by blockchain industry leaders.

Our hardware is compliant with the highest security standards (EAL6+) by Common Criteria, a global standard (ISO/IEC 15408) for computer security certification.

Our firmware is audited by Kudelski Security, a top-rated Swiss based independent security auditor.

Tangem TWIN has the highest possible rate of protection against environmental conditions - IP68. The card is durable enough to perform from -35C/-31F to +85C/+185F.

TWIN architecture is structured so that nobody, even during transit, can tamper with your cards. Our system prevents hack risks and unauthorized transactions better than any hot wallet connected to the Internet.

The unique chip technology encapsulates the power of the computer; although the chip is only a few millimeters, its security depends on the kind of calculations that only computers can perform.

We highly value transparency and follow open source standards, allowing sophisticated users to check ins-and-outs of Tangem App, because we believe in community-verified performance.