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Tangem ID Kit



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Expected to ship: March 29 - April 5

Tangem ID: SSI Credential Wallet

Contains: 5 x Tangem ID Cards & 1 x Tangem Issuer Card

Only for developers.

Application is available upon request.

Addressing the challenge to establish a trusted, direct and accessible path to identity validation, Tangem solved for universal accessibility without compromising security in place of privacy.

This product is an interoperable, future proof, easy to use, affordable digital wallet in an NFC card. It’s meant to work anywhere, for everyone.

Tangem's credential wallet is conformant with the W3C standards for DID (Decentralized Identifier) and VC (Verifiable Credential). Anyone can experience the flow of credential issuance, holding and verification with the Tangem ID app. Developers can use open-source SDK to build mobile apps that use Tangem ID cards.

Where it can be used

  • Closed loop issuance-verification (enterprise, private environment)
  • Special situation credentials, e.g. COVID test results, refugees, events
  • Government issued credentials
  • Spendable credentials (e.g. voter registration)
  • High security machines, restricted environments, terminal user authentication
A trusted and accessible SSI credential wallet.  
  • Stores your credentials and produces proofs of any digital credential you possess.
  • Protects credentials from theft and copying.
  • Protects privacy through selective disclosure.
  • Implement open standards for interoperability and portability of credentials and other sensitive, private data.
More information about the Tangem solution and custom cards at


  • Internal generation of DID private key (will never leave the chip)
  • Provides DID public key
  • Proves ownership of  DID private key (challenge-response)
  • Protected storage of data in structured files in the chip’s non-volatile memory: e.g. DID method, Verifiable Credentials in JSON-LD or JWT format, incoming proofs, unformatted issuer's data, holder's data, etc.
  • Permissions managed by Issuer and Holder
  • End-to-end encryption (ECDH-1PU) between Issuer and wallet
  • Selective disclosure configurable by Holder
  • Signing a proof with DID private key for inclusion into Verifiable Presentation


  • Holder authorization and protection: password-based or optional security delay
  • Offline and online Tangem wallet attestation
  • Firmware attestation allows Holders and Verifiers to ascertain the integrity of the chip firmware binary code
  • Detailed information about the card (unique ID, configuration, batch and manufacturing data)


  • Embedded secure element (EAL6+)
  • Contactless NFC interface (ISO14443)
  • Contact interface (ISO7816, optional - contact Tangem for details)
  • JavaCard applet (optional - contact Tangem for details)
  • Standard or reduced size plastic card


Commonly Asked By Our Customers

  • What is a Tangem Card?

    A Tangem Card is a highly secure hardware cold wallet made to store any kind of digital assets on blockchain technology. With an NFC-enabled phone, you can verify your balance and extract your assets if you want to move them to another wallet.

  • What can I do with a Tangem Card?

    A Tangem Card allows you to:

    • Check the validity of the Card and the assets it’s holding.

    • Show the assets blockchain address.

    • Extract (send) funds to other Tangem Cards or blockchain wallets.

    • Pay with the Card (with merchants currently accepting crypto).

  • What makes a Tangem Card different?

    It is guaranteed to never disclose the private key. Handing a Card over, is by nature, an off-chain payment transaction. One can sell it as merchandise, send it as a gift, or use it to make a payment. Essentially, it's a secure, smart note for digital assets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Works like a charm

Simple and intuitive to use. The cards are tactile and sturdy. So far, all that’s available for public credentials is the name, birthday, age and SSN. I hope more credential fields are created soon!

I haven't used it yet

So far so good.