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Tangem New kit


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4 Tangem unloaded Notes:

  • 0.00 LTC printed graphics
  • 0.00 XRP printed graphics


  • Unlimited number of transactions
  • Unlimited amount of funds to store
  • Just the right size to fit in your pocket (85.6x45x0.8 mm)
  • Compatible with Android 5.1+ or iPhone with NFC (select models)

Delivery and Specifications

  • Weight: <3g each
  • Package weight: <45g gross

How to use:

  • Download Tangem App from Google Play or App Store
  • Enable NFC on your phone
  • Hold Tangem Note against the phone

Check our full User guide here

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Commonly Asked By Our Customers

  • What is a Tangem Card?

    A Tangem Card is a highly secure hardware cold wallet made to store any kind of digital assets on blockchain technology. With an NFC-enabled phone, you can verify your balance and extract your assets if you want to move them to another wallet.

  • What can I do with a Tangem Card?

    A Tangem Card allows you to:

    • Check the validity of the Card and the assets it’s holding.

    • Show the assets blockchain address.

    • Extract (send) funds to other Tangem Cards or blockchain wallets.

    • Pay with the Card (with merchants currently accepting crypto).

  • What makes a Tangem Card different?

    It is guaranteed to never disclose the private key. Handing a Card over, is by nature, an off-chain payment transaction. One can sell it as merchandise, send it as a gift, or use it to make a payment. Essentially, it's a secure, smart note for digital assets.

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