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Tangem Wallet Pack of 3

Tangem Wallet Pack of 3


$55.90 $69.90

Your Silver Bullet in the crypto world

A multicurrency hardware wallet to manage various crypto with access to DeFi, NFT, DeEx and more – all in one card. 

Choose your way of smart backup with one or more Tangem Wallets.

The pinnacle of simplicity and security across Tangem products.


Do it all with Tangem Wallet

Manage your favorite currency across 600+ tokens over 13 blockchains.

Get financing on DeFi, trade NFT assets, exchange through DeEx, and achieve much more with 100+ dApps.

Buy crypto with Google/Apple pay and credit/debit cards. Sell crypto back into fiat and enjoy your full circle journey.

Smart Backup

You can use another Tangem Wallet as your backup and stop worrying about pictures, papers, and seed phrases.

Your private keys are generated by the card, immutable and never leave any of your cards, making your backup as secure as your main device.

You can connect up to 3 cards to one wallet for ultimate backup – the choice is yours.

Once you set up your backup, Tangem Wallet provides you with access code functionality.
You can restore your access code with your connected card.


Top level of security on the market

Tangem Wallet generates the private key that never leaves the card. We have gone an extra mile to prove it externally:

  • The highest certification level among direct competitors that ensures no back doors – EAL6+ by Common Criteria 
  • The firmware audited by the world's top laboratory – Kudelski Security 
  • The only hardware wallet with the highest possible rate of protection against environmental conditions – IP68
  • The card is durable enough to perform from -35C/-31F to +85C/+185


Manage your Crypto on the go

With Tangem Wallet all you need is your cards, smartphone and Tangem App. 

No wires, no computers, no batteries required. Just use NFC in your phone.

All your features are a few steps away in the Tangem App: 

  1. Get your Tangem Wallet
  2. Download the Tangem App
  3. Buy, sell, transfer crypto and use dApps

Top Customer Support

Tangem dedicated Support Team Specialists work around the clock to answer your inquiries and help you.


Powerful Gift

Do you know someone using crypto? They will appreciate the security, wide functionality, and convenience of Tangem Wallet.





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