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What is a
Tangem Card?

Tangem cards are secure and easy to use hardware wallets that let you hold your private keys in a stylish card that you carry with you, maintaining complete control of your cryptocurrencies.

Think of Tangem cards as the physical representation of your digital assets.

Tangem Crypto Cards Comparison

Tangem Bit BTC Tangem Bird & Starter Bundle Tangem Twin

Secure hardware cold wallet

Chip-to-chain technology with NFC antenna

Unparalleled security with Common Criteria EAL6+

Waterproof and dustproof

Support PayString

Compatible with iOS (iPhone 7 and up & from iOS 13) and Android

Easy mobile use

Hold, send, and receive cryptocurrency

Regenerate digital wallet*

Security delay*


1-of-2 Multisignature feature*

*Security delay - is a long tap to sign a transaction, which is an extra security measure against drive-by attacks.
*Regenerate digital wallet - Birds collection allows you to erase and regenerate a new key pair, thus a new wallet address. For Twin: will be enabled later.
*Passcode - the passcode is an extra security measure to sign transactions.

Reasons to use a Tangem Card Wallet

  • Easy private key management, if you hold it, you own it
  • Non-custodial wallet
  • EAL6+ chip
  • Firmware audited by Kudelski Security
  • Open-source SDK for complete autonomy
  • Powered with NFC-technology
  • Portable