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Can I make it a white label?

Tangem Cards can be customized.
Please, send a request to


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How to become Tangem distributor

You can now be a Tangem Merchant, anywhere in the world.

We currently do not offer exclusive distribution rights.

Tangem Cards are manufactured and shipped unloaded with no value inside. Tangem Merchants may load cards with their own assets before or during the sale to an end customer.


Please, send your request to if you want to sell Tangem.

Are You An Influencer and
Interested in Working With Tangem?

Our Cards are super secure contactless crypto wallets.
Our DNA?
Simple. Intelligent. Human.

Our cards are the perfect gift to initiate someone into crypto - gateways to a complex world without having to deal with the complex.

We want to get our cards into the hands of everyone who is curious for more… and we’d love your help.

If you know what you’re talking about and can tell stories in simple ways, are passionate about finance and blockchain, and equally dedicate to enabling financial inclusion and improving business and society - then please get in touch with