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Your secure and easy to use Cryptocurrency cards.

Tangem card is the most accessible hardware wallet
for safe personal custody of cryptocurrencies.

Anyone can use it.

We designed an easy to use and secure wallet so that anyone can own and manage Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Be the only one
in charge of your Crypto.

What determines the safety of your funds is the security of your private key storage.

With Tangem card, your private key is generated and stored within the chip, so you have self-custody of your keys, without reliance on third parties.

Take it and use it everywhere.

NFC contact generates enough power to operate the chip, making Tangem card wallets as portable as cash.  All you need to do is carry your card in your pocket and tap it on a smartphone to manage or spend your funds.

Gift it, loaded or empty.

Financial freedom is more than a buzzword.
Give everyone a little bit of power.