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Your Crypto Safe in a Convenient Card

Tangem Crypto Wallet

Surprise yourself or your loved ones with our secure card wallets

Surprise yourself or
your loved ones
with our secure Card Wallets

Advantages of using a
NFC-powered Tangem Card Wallet


  • Store & transact crypto
  • Easy private key management
  • As portable as your cash
  • Keep your holdings (store it in a safe place!)

Secure Key Management

The safety of your digital assets is determined by the security of your private key storage.
With Tangem you don’t need to be worried about writing your private key in the wrong place or in the wrong napkin!
If you hold it, you own it!

We support PayID

PayID is an easy to read ID to send and receive payments across any payment network and currency.

It’s simple transacting by sharing the unique PayID address.
So say goodbye to pesky wallet addresses and insecure QR codes.

Today, it supports BTC, ETH and XRP.

Secure from the elements

We received our IP68 rating, meaning
all our wallets are waterproof and dustproof.

Drop it in water, go scuba diving, freeze it in a block of ice — you’ll find it still works with the same speed, simplicity and elegance as before.

Watch our ‘how to’ video to learn how simple and secure it’s to transact with your Tangem card

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