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Welcome to Tangem’s Developer HQ! We will update this page regularly with new resources and information.

With Tangem, you are able to bridge physical cards and our innovative microchip with any mobile application or NFC-capable device. Open up new crypto payment methods by connecting these self-custody instruments with your application or crypto-commerce solution.


Getting Started

The Tangem card is a self-custody hardware wallet for blockchain assets. Its main functions are to securely create and store a private key for a blockchain wallet and to sign blockchain transactions. The Tangem card does not allow users to import/export, backup/restore private keys, thereby guaranteeing that the wallet is unique and unclonable.

To understand how a mobile device communicates with a card, you can download the Tangem application, which implements most of the functions.

App Store, Google Play

Note (Only for China): If Google Play is not available in your country, you can download the compiled Tangem app from our GitHub repository: Tangem Binaries.

The easiest way to add Tangem card support to your application is to use the Tangem Mobile SDK. It’s a self-sufficient solution that implements a card abstraction model, methods of interaction with the card and interactions with the user via UI.

Native mobile SDKs for iOS and Android are available on GitHub.



Here are some additional education resources that will help you learn more about Tangem

    • FAQs
    • Terms of Services

    a. Tangem prides itself in sharing our code-base in open source format, yielding transparency, security, and cooperation with our customers, partners, and developer community.

    b. Our full Terms of Use can be accessed here

      • Additional Resources

      a. Video Overview - this video provides a good overview of Tangem Cards from an independent third party.



      We want to be fully accessible to our developer community. At anytime, feel free to contact us at with any questions or feedback. Here are some other channels to get in touch and share your experience.


      Events & Announcements

      Please stay tuned for the latest Tangem announcements.