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Tangem will support the Flare Network’s
SPARK airdrop for XRP holders

The Flare Network is planning a Spark token airdrop for all holders of XRP tokens. If you are holding any XRP tokens in your Tangem card at midnight UTC on 12th December 2020, you will be eligible to receive Spark tokens in the future.

What are the Flare Network and Spark tokens?

  • The Flare Network is a new blockchain network based on the Flare Consensus Protocol - a system meant to bring Ethereum-like functionality for XRP holders. 
  • A Spark token is the native token of the Flare Network.
Flare Network’s SPARK airdrop for XRP holders

How do Spark tokens be distributed, and what’s the amount of Spark that an XRP holder will receive?

The claim of the Spark tokens will be based on their holdings as, according to the ledger at December 12 UTC, the date that the snapshot will take place. Read more about the distribution.

*Please note that Tangem cards support one cryptocurrency per card. Therefore you won’t be able to store Spark tokens on your XRP Tangem card.  

Our customers have until 11th June 2021 to claim Spark. We’ll keep you updated with details of how the distribution of tokens will occur once the Flare Network goes live.