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Welcome to the best crypto experience.

Soon you will have complete self-custody of your cryptocurrencies in a secure, easy-to-use and stylish card wallet. Get set up in only a few taps!

Get started.

Follow the steps and start using Tangem cards right away.

How to use Tangem card hardware wallet

Download Tangem Tap

In your Tangem App you will be able to:

  • discover your wallet
  • transact on the blockchain
  • check your balance
  • buy cryptocurrencies

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Create your Wallet and enjoy full custody!

Hold your phone over the card (as shown on the phone screen), create your wallet and discover your address. Your private key is generated by and permanently stored within the chip.

The architecture of each Tangem Card guarantees the chip inside is the only place in the universe where the unique key can ever be located.

If you have more questions regarding the security of your private key, click here*

Load your funds

You can transfer funds to your Tangem card by:

  • Using any other blockchain wallet app
  • Sharing your address/QR-code
  • Using another Tangem card.

Watch how easy it is to transfer your crypto.

Check your balance

Your balance will be updated when the transaction is confirmed.
You can check the number of confirmations in the blockchain explorer directly from the app.

Harness the power of Tangem!

Peer-to-peer payments (P2P)

One of the benefits of blockchain is that you don’t need a centralized entity to validate a transaction. Payments can occur between two parties and are validated by the network.

Easy private key management

The safety of your digital assets is determined by the security of your private key storage. With Tangem you don’t need to be worried about writing your private key on the wrong place or on the wrong napkin! If you hold it, you own it!


Full custody is beautiful, isn’t it? Now you are responsible for storing and holding your funds. If you decide to keep all your holdings on a Tangem card, you can, just make sure you keep it safe.

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