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Tangem cards let you hold your Bitcoin in a sleek and stylish card you carry with you, maintaining self-custody and complete control. The embedded chip creates and holds your unique and uncopyable key within the card itself, making it the most secure way to store your crypto.

Just like “bearer instruments,” if you hold it you own it. Luckily, you can easily manage your crypto across multiple Tangem cards to spread your crypto-wealth for ultimate safety.

  • Original Tangem card design, now fully compatible with iOS
  • Maintain complete custody & security of your Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Store BTC in a convenient, easy-to-use card
  • Tap card to phone using NFC to easily manage assets with the Tangem App
  • Fully reusable
  • Contains $0 in BTC value upon delivery
  • 85.60 mm x 45.00 mm x 0.80 mm
  • Embedded EAL6+ SecurCore microchip from Samsung
  • Uses 3DES, AES, RSA, & ECC cryptography
  • Arm SecureCore SC000 Processor
  • Compatible with Android 5.1+ or iPhone with NFC (select models)
  • Firmware audited by Kudelski Security to ensure your protection


Commonly Asked By Our Customers

  • What is a Tangem Card?

    A Tangem Card is a highly secure hardware cold wallet made to store any kind of digital assets on blockchain technology. With an NFC-enabled phone, you can verify your balance and extract your assets if you want to move them to another wallet.

  • What can I do with a Tangem Card?

    A Tangem Card allows you to:

    • Check the validity of the Card and the assets it’s holding.

    • Show the assets blockchain address.

    • Extract (send) funds to other Tangem Cards or blockchain wallets.

    • Pay with the Card (with merchants currently accepting crypto).

  • What makes a Tangem Card different?

    It is guaranteed to never disclose the private key. Handing a Card over, is by nature, an off-chain payment transaction. One can sell it as merchandise, send it as a gift, or use it to make a payment. Essentially, it's a secure, smart note for digital assets.

Customer Reviews

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Great Cold Storage Solution

I love these cards and they're very easy to use. As with all cold storage you are in control of the security of your crypto. Right now I would trust these more then some of the cold storage coins that are out there, physical bitcoins, ECT. I probably shouldn't name names so I won't, but I own a few physical Bitcoin "Cold Storage Coins", and one company in particular may have been executing a scam on their customers the entire time. Well just so happens I have a few of these coins. I was lucky and wasn't a victim of theft, so I don't have any firsthand account that the accusations on social media are true, but if you do your own investigating it's pretty obvious. I love how Tangem has done the cards with the NFC access just like a personal a banking token whoever has possession of the device is the owner of that balance.


love this thing

These cards serve good purposes.

It appears that the card is still in flight. Still awaiting delivery, love waiting. No headache